Resistance is not futile.

Doesn’t it seem like there are forces everywhere you turn trying to distort your life into a tool to be used for somebody else’s perverted motives? Whether it is the advertisers trying to sell us senseless shit we don’t need, political puppets pandering for our votes so they can remain in power, or just the overall societal sentiment that we must work for a living- either way we are being fed fat lies that are making us spiritually obese. We are deprived of the real opportunities to be fulfilled and satisfied, but not because they don’t exist, it is because we are blind to them. Our minds have a remarkable ability to soak up whatever influences they are inundated with. We are bombarded at every sense door with the most ridiculously mundane objects, essentially greed incarnate attempting to tap into our financial reserves without concern for our welfare. I think it is the commercialization of our world that is driving us insane. It robs us of our humanity. It reduces us to consumers. It limits our potential to be. Be what? To just be. We’re in a mad rush to do something- anything, buy our way to happiness, accumulate the stuff of our prepackaged dreams… forget all that, just be here now, in this moment, wherever you are. We are saturated with the mental trash of our culture. We must ring out our minds of all the mindless clutter that has been deposited in our mental continuum since the beginning of our lives, since the start of this dreadful conditioning that implants negativity and limitation into our experience. Say we are horses, wild by nature, domesticated by The Man, we have blinders on our eyes which impede our peripheral vision… and there’s a genetically-modified ‘carrot’ dangled just far away enough so we can never reach it. We are stuck in an endless pursuit of elusive pleasures, without exploring the edge of the mainstream. Buck, fucking buck as if your life depended on it, because it does. Resist the whip, the branding, the ball and chain of orthodoxy.  Ditch the free rider on your back and run for the hills, for heavens sake. What do we really need to survive? Are our existential needs really much different from the millions of other species? Food, water, shelter, healthy social interaction… that’s basically it. We don’t need Wal-Marts, fast-food, or even banks for that matter. The rest of the web of life has been thriving for millennia without them, and actually it was the birth of those very institutions that initiated the death of various creatures. We need creativity and ingenuity; a revival of the indigenous lifestyles which are intuitively sustainable and harmonious with the local environment. We need to cultivate fluidity in this age of increasing rigidity and conformity. Self-sufficiency will be a hot commodity in a future of dwindling resources and a resulting heightened reliance on the corporate sugar-daddies. Giant food conglomerates like Monsanto are taking control of our global food system (, water companies like Coca-Cola and Nestle are hijacking our fresh water reserves (, and the banks are probably the biggest ghostly homeowners with the surge in foreclosures; worst of all the fabric of our society- at least in America, is being fractured by suburban sprawl and endless strip malls. Our convenience culture has certainly seen better days, back when it was a novelty. Now it is a disease. Look at the oceans, with swirling gyres of plastic debris. Cetaceans and shore-birds are starving to death; oil ruptures poisoning our waters, corporate greed unchecked blended with sheer indifference to the horrors our modern lifestyles inflict on the Earth. There is something not quite right with this picture. Factor in the externalities, if a quarter-pound hamburger requires 55 square feet of the rainforest in the Amazon to be destroyed (, then let the price reflect the true cost. Our supersized portions are being subsidized, essentially. It will not last forever. Either savor the fabricated abundance in ignorance until the resources are totally depleted, or choose a life of deliberate simplicity, of mindful renunciation. Less is more- more of the same only brings about more of the same- a polluted planet and deprived humanity. Find joy in the simple pleasures we have available to us at any moment, our breath, our aspirations, our treasured friendships. These things do not require a transaction, although reciprocation is essential. To breath we must be enveloped by an atmosphere, we must be inspired to aspire. It takes two to tango, and the more the merrier.

Shall we dance a dance to reclaim our sovereignty, to reappoint ourselves captains of our souls, to break free from the old mold of social norms and mores?

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One Response to Resistance is not futile.

  1. katysparrow says:

    thank you michael, i enjoyed every word and the dancing footage so much!

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