The Sounds of the Earth

Take a moment to be fully present to the reverberations of your environment. Listen with unwavering concentration to the melodic chirping of transient birds- of individuals you may never encounter again in this world. Allow discursive thoughts to transpire as if our pores were the stoma of our consciousness, freely breathing out that which clutters the inner sanctuary of our mind. Can you hear the leaves dance, rustling in the ribbons of the wind? What about the heartbeat of the Earth as it materializes in the pulse of the body?  The infinite batter to bread our conception reaches out to us from every angle; experiences procured by the subjective apprehension of the objective spectacles relegated to a domain outside of ourselves.  Perhaps we can inverse our perception, dismantling the divide between the interior and exterior and become that which we see, hear, touch, feel, and sense in all the strange capacities this human incarnation entails.

Love Flows Freely from the Heart,                                                                                             Out into the World Above.                                                                                                                  Like a celestial dove disappearing into the Horizon,                                                                       Or a raging River entering the infinite expanse of the Ocean;                                                      A mesmerizing Motion and quite a potent Potion,                                                                          Love is the Energy of Everything, can’t you see,                                                                           When all Walls have been broken down and buried far underground.                                        Both the motivating Force and the goal, of course,                                                                         I wouldn’t be surprised if Love is our True Source.                                                                      Life for Me has been a journey                                                                                                           of surrendering to the                                                                                                                    Love Flowering                                                                                                                                     Inside and                                                                                                                                              Out.

Time and Space outline the great divide,                                                                                Three hours and two-thousand miles pile and obstruct the gut of one man, me, so it be…    I fear the myriad years in which the absence of your presence appears,                                 like a dingy daydream dissolved by the squelching sun.                                                       Meager thoughts linger in my mind of the orbits of our eyes long colliding,                      Wishing for the bliss of the dance of pure romance,                                                              Enticing my soul and so takes its toll,                                                                                            like the Earth weathered as it erodes,                                                                                    Eventually turning bones to stones                                                                                              that are then mashed to ash,                                                                                                      Burned and turned to the forces of the wind,                                                                              To disperse into the Universe,                                                                                                     For what its worth.

My eyes are Earths’ I.

The World swirls gracefully in a cosmic sea, surrendering to the vast enveloping void.

Relatively minute flakes of planetary life flock together, forming friendships and families, a true communal conglomeration.

Unbeknownst to the Earth’s multiplying masses all the known life in the unveiled Universe hugs a slim film enshrouding the soggy planets’ musky crust.

Good gravity triumphs in a battle between the satanic centrifugal force joyously generated by the rotating amalgamation of mutating mass, grounding the mounds of beings without wings.

Wiggling worms carve curvaceous contours on the interior of apples.

Frail snails trail slime behind as they slide aside afraid of the spade.

Psilocybin mushrooms beginning to bloom revealing concealed fungal filaments as spores pour from open sores on the fruiting mycelium bodies.

Leaves sneak a peek as if to speak their inspired desire for fire shining sunlight.

Spunky monkeys grapple broached branches with limber limbs, their small palms on frilly fronds, singing sweet psalms surely but poorly.

Moustached giraffes combat abstract notions that facial hair is exclusively for marred bears buried in layered lairs.

Earth, the ancestral terrestrial author etches in the sunlit sky a cityscape on the human head, as burning buildings build neural pathways hitched high in the cerebellum.

Neurotransmitters transcribes transit systems, merging into highways that converge to construct insightful dendrites though in hindsight this may I say might be the meeting of paralleled minds, axles alongside axons.

The material world melts into the human mind; merely a mirror of the exterior, our lens blends and mends astounding surroundings.

My eyes are Earths’ I.


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